Uses of Coconut Oil in Hair

A coconut is a fruit or a nut whose inside is eaten by a vast majority of people in the world. Coconuts come along with oil that can be used for various health benefits. The oil that is obtained from coconuts can be used in confections, candies and also in cosmetics. Coconut oil can also give a person that shiny, lush and manageable healthy hair. It is advisable to clear out some of the commercial conditioners and styling products that you use on your hair and replace them with coconut oil. Coconut oil has some anti-microbial properties, medium-chain fatty acids and also lauric acid which all together help strengthen someone’s hair. The coconut oil in hair helps in making the hair smooth. The oil also conditions someone’s scalp and also helps his or her hair to regrow.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair


coconutMost of the commercial hair products usually contain some Scary chemicals which in one way may harm someone. Coconut oil, on the other hand, lurks this chemical that the commercial hair products contain. Coconut oil is a very good hair conditioner, for all types of hairs. Research that was carried out on the oil from Coconut, Sunflower and mineral oil showed that out of the three types of oil it is only coconut oil that reduces protein loss from hair.

Studies show that loss of protein in our hair is the number one reason as to why our hair dries and breaks. Lauric acid, which is found in coconut oil has the characteristic of having low molecular weight. As a result of this, the acid can penetrate the shaft of hair with ease, therefore, nourishing hair with vitamins and medium-chain fatty acids.

Hair Growth

coconut Another use of the oil from coconuts is hair growth. If you are a person who has thinning hair, then coconut oil will act as a solution to your thinning hair. This is because this oil can help your hair to grow longer and also thicker. All this is thanks to the nutrients that are found in the coconut oil such as the lauric acid that can penetrate the shafts of our hair, therefore, improving the overall health of our hair. Something that you ought to know is that when you massage your hair into the scalp with coconut oil, the oil will help improve the circulation of blood in your body and as a result, this will support hair growth.


For a long period, many people have used coconut hair to fight dandruff. Coconut oil has strong antiviral and also antimicrobials that help fight dandruff off our hair.