Healthy Foods That Help Prevent Urology Conditions

Which are the healthy foods that may mitigate urology conditions? You perhaps are asking. With significant advancements in urology treatment, for instance, robotic-assisted surgery as explained in this South Florida Urology hospital, people tend to forget that the issue can be mitigated by simply watching what they eat. Eating vegetables, fruits, and drinking lots of water, might be the best choice for urology prevention.

Foods that prevent urology


More than any other kind of liquid, water is a good way to help in keepingh20 bottle healthy your kidneys and urine. To maintain the proper flow of urine, you are recommended to drink lots of water when you feel thirsty. Whereas the American Diabetic Association advises taking eight glasses of water every day, typically the amount of water you should drink is also influenced by your body and weight.

Cranberry Juice

While some researchers debate its merit, this juice has proven to be helpful in flushing your urinary tract. But it is recommended you take pure, unsweetened cranberry juice since drinking the juice cocktail does not appear to prevent your urinary tract infection.

Fiber Foods

Legumes (nuts and beans of all types), whole grains plus higher-fiber vegetables such as broccoli are rich in fiber, and getting sufficient fiber helps you in cutting out constipation that may cause, or even worsen urinary incontinence. The other great fiber foods include cereals, whole grain, barley, oatmeal, cabbage, rice, peas, carrots, and apples.

Blueberries and Pears

Some studies indicate that citrus fruits may affect the bladder negatively because the fruits are considered more acidic. Pears and Blueberries are two types of fruits containing less acidity when compared to citrus fruits such as oranges.


veggiesEven though spinach is high in minerals, iron, and protein, it also provides plenty of oxalates that help prevent the formation of kidney stones. And the other similar vegetables with the same effect include kale and rhubarb.

Foods to watch out for

Remember that there are some beverages and foods to keep off. It’s vital to limit the intake of caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol since these may irritate your bladder. Furthermore, too much intake of salt in your diet may throw off the kidneys and probably lead to the development of kidney stones.

You should peruse the ingredient labels, and pay close attention to taking foods which are low in salt and sodium. Lastly, when you cut back on animal proteins such as chicken, beef, and pork, you may help in the possibility of kidney stones and uric acid stones. But the above discussed are some of the healthy that help prevent urology conditions.