Prevent Hypertension Without Medication

Lifestyle change is vital in preventing and treating hypertension. You have to adjust your usual routine and spend more time finding ways to have a healthy lifestyle. Results can be evident in just a few weeks. It’s also a great idea to discuss with your doctor first if you have plans to control your hypertension without the aid of medications. A visit to Persystema is recommended to further assess your health and plan exercise that suit your needs. Is it possible to fight hypertension without drinking pills?

measureSweat off extra pounds

Being overweight may disrupt your sleep by blocking up your airway. This leads to obstructive sleep apnea and putting your body in a stressful state. Stress is equal to hypertension.

Consistent physical activity can effectively lower your blood pressure. You can explore different exercises like running, jogging, and swimming. A visit to your doctor may be needed when starting an exercise plan. You may undergo cardiac rehab first to try different exercises while connected to a cardiac monitor. This will help your doctor know up to what extent you can do for your physical activity.

Changes in diet

The recommended diet for people with hypertension is low salt, low-fat diet.

According to studies, where salt goes, water follows. Increase in salt lead to an increase in blood volume, thus raising your blood pressure as well. Control of salt intake could also help keep your kidneys working well.

A low-fat diet, as we all know, could also prevent and control your hypertension. Research shows that when weight increases, blood pressure increase as well. The build-up of fat deposit in our blood vessels narrows its diameter, thus adding pressure to our blood vessels. This, in turn, leads to hypertension. Fat deposits can also block your coronary arteries and can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Consume less alcohol

Alcohol can significantly affect your weight gain and further cause hypertension. It can also interfere with anti-hypertensive medications and make it less potent. For alcoholic drinkers, a sudden stop in drinking alcohol can cause rebound hypertension for several days.

Stop smoking

Cigarettes tend to increase your blood pressure through the fight-and-flight response of your body. Quitting smoking can significantly improve your overall health. It can also increase risk formation of plaque inside your arteries.

Reduce stresssitting

Putting your body in a stressful state means heightened sense and increase brain perfusion. In order to achieve this state, blood pressure must be increased. Repeatedly being in a stressful state causes more episodes of increased blood pressure. Practice meditating or exploring ways to cope up with stress.

Overall, lifestyle change is the key to controlling your blood pressure. But instead of searching for ways to treat your blood pressure, why not get ahead of it and start a healthy lifestyle at an earlier stage in life?

fruit salad

Quality Fruits For Blood Pressure Control

Commonly known as high blood pressure, hypertension is among the primary health disorders that people are experiencing out there. Diets have proven to be very effective in reducing the risk as well as controlling the problem. Fruits and vegetables can lower blood pressure.

Using fruits for hypertension control

• Bananas

A banana is believed to have around 400 mg of potassium and as low as 1 mg of sodium. The two minerals are essential for heart function as well as body fluid balance. Taking enough bananas helps to control hypertension.fruits

• Apples

These fruits can lower your BP. The antioxidants contained in apples can lower the BP while protecting the vessels from destruction.

• Blueberries

These are healthy fruits that have low sugar levels. They are rich in fiber and antioxidants. These help to maintain a healthy heart function thus controlling hypertension.

• Papaya

Taking these fruits gives you enough potassium that regulates BP. Take fresh papaya on an empty stomach so as to lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

• Spinach

These are veggies low in calorie content. They have enough minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and folate. These can control the BP. You need to use these fresh vegetables in your salads and sandwiches.

• Strawberries

You can control the blood pressure using strawberries. They contain sufficient potassium and low sodium levels. They regulate the blood pressure in the body.

• Watermelon

melonPeople who are overweight can take watermelons for health benefits. Hypertension is effectively controlled by taking enough watermelons. Taking this fruit reduces the pressure on the aorta. This reduces the load on the heart thus making its functions much easier. The reduction in strain lowers blood pressure.

Taking fruits could go a long way in improving one’s general health. They make up part of a healthy diet that everyone needs. Using these fruits, you can be sure to reap natural health benefits that will control and prevent further effects of increasing blood pressure in the body. You need to consume quality amounts of the recommended fruits so as to realize the best results. Blood pressure could be difficult if not correctly handled.

Discuss with your doctor for expert analysis and advice on how to use quality fruits in controlling hypertension. Needless to mention, blood pressure tests are important. You need to get regular checkups to gauge the effects of the fruits. Get the necessary information regarding the various fruits you need so as to lower the chances of developing or reduce the effects of hypertension.