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Quality Skin Care Health with Herbal Products

Skin care using herbal products have been in use from time immemorial. This is because in ancient times herbs were readily available for use as compared to the modern lifestyles that mostly depends on industrial, synthetically manufactured skin care products. Skin care products, including herbal skin care products, have been commercialized. This is done by adding preservatives to these products so as to prolong their shelve life hence making them less effective on skin. With this in mind, one can embark on home production of herbal skin care products at a budget.

Common herbs to use

The following herbs are good for homemade herbal skin care product:

1. Aloe Vera: Freshly prepared Aloe Vera extract acts as a natural hydrant that helps the skin to remain soft and hydrated.

2. Lime flowers: The extracts from lime flowers are very good at cleansing properties.

3. Rosemary herbs: Rosemary herbs too have quality extracts that are good for cleansing the skin at all times.

4. Lavender extracts fluid: This extract acts as a good skin tone product.

5. Tea extract fluids: This extract helps much in restoring the texture of a damaged skin by sun’s UV light.

Benefits of using herbal skin products

herbal skin products1. No skin irritation: Herbal skin care products are work well with most sensitive skins as compared to artificial fragrances that are full of artificial colors and corrosive substances.

2. No toxic substances: Chemicals from natural herbal skin products contain non-toxic substances because these products do not undergo any chemical change during the extraction process.

3. Eco-friendly: The extracts do not undergo any chemical transformation during processing. Their waste components are very decomposable and are nontoxic.

4. Simple chemical components: Chemical compounds found in herbal skin care products have very simple natural chemical components thus making them suitable for almost all skin types.

5. Limited on no side effects: Since these products do not contain any harmful compounds, they have limited side effects.

Herbal skin care gels and creams vs. industrial products

Herbal skin care products are cheaper compared to commercial synthetic skin care products. This is because they are easily manufactured using a simple and short process.tea

Constraints of herbal skin creams and gels

However, not all people can access herbs so they will be limited to making these skin care products. Additionally, the process requires patience and time, which many people do not have.